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Film choice is a personal preference depending on the look you are trying to achieve. Black and white can look good for large art prints and is fine for most newspapers but for Websites and adoption posters color usually looks best. Also, some newspapers may print your photographs in color, which is a rare treat that means your work really stands out.

We prefer Fuji Superia 400, which works well under all lighting conditions, represents the colors of the animals fairly accurately, and gives us enough speed to freeze the occasional wiggle worm.

When we do shoot black and white, we have been using Kodak T400CN. This is a black and white film that can be processed in the same chemistry as color film so your local lab should be able to process it and print it quickly for you. We have used this film a lot for commissioned work and general photography but have not used it much for animal shelter photography. We hope to start using it soon to take more artistic photographs of the shelter animals that we can use to promote the shelter through the sale of art cards and maybe even prints.

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