Links and References

As a photographer, you will always be learning and applying new techniques and skills during your photographic career. We have found that by constantly self-educating ourselves and exposing ourselves to the animal photography of others, we improve our own animal photography skills every time we visit the shelter.

There are many excellent books and Websites dedicated to teaching basic and advanced photography skills. There are also many excellent photography books that feature animals exclusively as subjects. Although we do not know of any books or Websites (not including this one) dedicated to the instruction of shelter animal photography, there are several excellent books dedicated to the instruction of pet and wildlife photography.

We have a comprehensive library ourselves of books that feature photography of animals, instructional books on animal photography, and instructional books on lighting, exposure, and photography techniques. In addition, there are several Websites dedicated to general photography issues that we have found helpful to review from time to time.

In the following sections, we list some of the books and Websites that we have found helpful over the years in developing our own skills. Resources in this section include:

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