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Animal Photography Books

Since the invention of the camera photographers have been photographing images of cats, dogs, and other companion animals to share their beauty with others. The following books contain images from the last two centuries that capture the special relationship between humans and animals.

If you are interested in photographing animals, you should study the images in these books as examples of style, composition, and the ideal expression you will be trying to capture. Click any of the links below to be taken to where you can purchase these great books.

coverIf Only You Knew How Much I Smell You: True Portraits of Dogs

This collection of over 60 beautiful sepia-toned dog photographs by Valerie Shaff is probably our favorite book of modern animal photography. This winning collection teams up dog portraits and humorous verse by Roy Blount, Jr. to offer an honest, original, and hilarious portrayal of what dogs really "think".

coverI Am Puppy Hear Me Yap: The Ages of Dog

Have you ever wondered how puppies see the world as they progress from puppyhood to doghood? I Am Puppy, Hear Me Yap is Shaff's second collection of dog photography with more than 50 delightful and witty photographs. Roy Blount, Jr. again provides the humorous text that brings these puppies to life.

coverAm I Pig Enough for You Yet?: Voices of the Barnyard

Valerie Shaff and Roy Blount, Jr.'s third collection, this time of barnyard animals, is as endearing as the first two books they created together. Am I Pig Enough for You gives readers a funny and rare view into the minds of farm animals.

coverThe Dog - 100 Years of Classic Photography

From the earliest daguerreotypes to modern portraits, the images in The Dog: 100 Years of Classic Photography are as varied as the dogs they capture. Each photograph in this collection reflects a different period in time and captures the unique relationship people have with their dogs.

coverA Thousand Hounds

Spanning over 150 years, this collection of almost 500 photographs features images of dogs by famous photographers and artists as well as many other photographs of dogs. It also includes a captivating history of photography and the role of the dog in it.

coverBest Friends: Portraits of Rescued, Sheltered and Adopted Companion Animals

Best Friends is a collection of photographs of some of the animals who were in fact longing to become someone's "best friend". This book contains over 100 images of pets who have been cared for and given a second chance thanks to non-profit animal shelters nationwide. Including an introductory essay, quotes about these animal friends, background notes on all of the animals pictured, and a resource section round out this essential addition to the library of any animal lover.

A portion of the proceeds from Best Friends will be donated to non-profit and animal welfare and care organizations by both the photographer and publisher.

coverThe Complete Cats in the Sun

The Complete Cats in the Sun contains the three beautiful books of feline photography by Hans Silvester: Cats in the Sun, Asleep in the Sun, and The Mediterranean Cat. This one-volume collection contains stunning photographs of cats on fishing boats, rooftops, and many other locales in the Mediterranean. His photographs make the Greek isles look like cat heaven!

coverDogs in the Sun

Greece's Cyclades islands serve as the backdrop for photographer Hans Silvester's Dogs in the Sun. The dogs, who most often travel in packs, are shown doing everything from enjoying a Mediterranean romp on the beach to lounging in the sun and everything in between. This guy has a great job and we are very jealous!

coverDogtionary: Meaningful Portraits of Dogs

This collection of more than 90 photographs of 48 dogs of various breeds and personalities are alphabetized by each dog's name. Included with each photo are some "doggie definitions" that capture the essence of each dog.

coverPrince: And Other Dogs 1850-1940

Prince is a collection of Victorian-era photographs of dogs posing both with and without their owners. This assortment of photographs show that dogs, even in the nineteenth century, were an important part of any family. We find collections of old animal photographs very interesting and comforting because they show how relatively little human's relationship with their animals have changed over the years.

coverThe Dog Album: Studio Portraits of Dogs and Their People

The Dog Album is a collection of antique photos that prove that dogs have always been a valued member of the family. For the nineteenth-century family when taking a photograph was an expensive and timely endeavor, a photo session was an event. Additionally, exposures were slow meaning that subjects had to hold a pose for a long time which makes the fact that so many dogs participated in the event that much more fascinating. The Dog Album is an intriguing look at early photography and the part of the family pet.

Although the following books are currently out of print, you may be able to find a used copy. They are well worth the search.

Walter Chandoha's Book of Kittens and Cats

This book by photographer Walter Chandoha, one of our favorite animal photographers, is a collection of over 240 images of felines from kittenhood to adulthood. You can order his books used from or if your lucky, find them at a used book store as we did.

Walter Chandoha's Book of Puppies and Dogs

Another great collection by Walter Chandoha, this time of our canine companions.

The Silent Miaow: A Manual for Kittens, Strays, and Homeless Cats

This fictional translation of a cat's manual which instructs stray kittens and homeless cats in how to obtain, captivate, and dominate the families of their choice contains over 200 black and white photographs. The photographs are mostly of a small group of cats and shows the interaction between the cats, their humans, and their environment.

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