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Animal Photography Instruction Books

There are several excellent books dedicated to the instruction of pet and wildlife photography. These are some of our favorites.

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coverHow to Photograph Dogs: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Photograph Dogs: A Comprehensive Guide offers advice on everything you need to know to take great portraits as well as action shots. You will learn how to prepare the location and your subject to take the photos and how to use your camera to get the results you want. Of all the books in this section, this book probably is the most relevant to photographing shelter animals.

coverPractical Manual of Captive Animal Photography

The book begins with lessons on how to approach animals and choose subjects, find locations, and create settings for all types of animals then progresses to more techincal areas like camera equipment and overcoming pitfalls. Also covered are useful sections on copyrights and obtaining model releases. This is probably the second most relevant book here.

coverPhotographing Animals & Pets

This book contains information on taking photos of everything from companion animals to wildlife at the zoo or safari by relating the tricks of the trade used by professionals who specialize in animal photography.

coverThe New Complete Guide to Wildlife Photography: How to Get Close and Capture Animals on Film

This beautifully illustrated book provides a comprehensive introduction to the techniques of wildlife photography covering the basics of exposure, equipment, composition, and shooting on location. The 150 color photographs vary from the ordinary to the exotic locale.

coverThe Art of Photographing Nature

The book by Art Wolfe, a renowned nature photographer, was written in collaboration with the former photography editor of Audubon magazine. The 250 color photographs contain side-by-side comparisons to explain what makes a good photo.

Although the following books are currently out of print, you may be able to find a used copy. They are well worth the search.

How to Photograph Cats, Dogs, and Other Animals

This book by Walter Chandoha, who is one of our favorite animal photographers, contains hundreds of photographs by a welll-known animal photographer. Chandoha offers sound advice not only about photographic technique in general, but also about how to understand animals in order to obtain the best image. You can order his books used from or if your lucky, find them at a used book store as we did.

How I Photograph Wildlife and Nature

This book by Leonard Lee Rue III contains over 300 photos of wildlife and nature. It teaches basic photography techniques and also contains sections about photographing not only wildlife, but pets and zoo animals.

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