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General Photography Instruction Books

There are many books about general photography technique that can offer you instruction, but these are some of the books we have found the most useful.

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coverMastering Flash Photography

This book offers advice to all photographers from experienced to beginners. Beginning with the basics like fill-flash and redeye reduction this book moves through more difficult topics like manual exposure flash readings and using multiple flash units. I think I read this book about ten times while teaching myself the basics of flash photography.

coverJohn Shaw's Closeups in Nature

John Shaw, one of America's most famous nature photographers, offers a how-to book on applying the closeup technique to nature. This book's 190 color and 20 black and white photographs illustrate some of the best photographs in the field. This is the standard for macro photography instruction and the techniques discussed in this book are very helpful when photographing small animals like hamsters.

coverPerfect Exposure: From Theory to Practice

This book is a complete guide to exposure that can be used by both professionals and amateurs. It contains over 140 color and 80 black and white photographs. Though somewhat technical at times, it made me realize how much I didn't know about photography and I still refer to it from time to time to brush up on my exposure skills.

coverLighting for People Photography

Because light is the key element of photography, understanding how to manipulate it is extremely important in taking good photos. This book shows how to control light by using numerous examples to achieve the desired results. This book also contains advice on how to use studio, strobe, reflected, background, and natural light.

coverSecrets of Lighting on Location: A Photographer's Guide to Professional Lighting Techniques

This book by Bob Krist offers advice on how to take good photos using light outside of the control of the studio. He explains the role of light in taking good photographs and explains how to overcome difficulties with problem locations. He's one of our favorite travel photographers and we look forward to reading his columns in Popular Photography as well.

coverA Practical Guide to Photographic Lighting for Film and Digital Photography

This book is a comprehensive guide to working with light from basic to advanced techniques. The many photographs offer examples of using both natural and studio light. It's no coincidence that most of the books on this page are about lighting since it is the single most difficult subject for a photographer to master and this book, as well as all the others on this page, each taught us something new.

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