Using Props

The decision to use props is a personal one and depends on your style. Some people like them and use them all the time, others never use them.

We usually avoid human-type props (hats, glasses, scarves and the like) for adoption animal photographs because we find that for the most part they rob the animal of the dignity they deserve. You don't see many pictures of people with funny hats on and we think the same should be true for animals. They also tend to mask the true beauty of the animals which is really what you are trying to capture.

However, there may be times when a tasteful prop may be in order. For example, a small Santa hat around Christmas time can be cute. Also, a colorful flower or potted plant in a cat photograph can help enhance the image.

If you decide to use props in your photos just make the decision carefully about what to use and try to keep it tasteful. For most times, we find that natural beauty of these animals is more than enough of a subject to make a great photograph.

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