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Where Can the Photographs be Published?

As a photographer, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing your photographs published. As a photographer of animals, your work will always be in demand and will be well respected. Who doesn't enjoy a photograph of a cute dog or cat?

Your photographs of adoption animals and shelter special events can be published in many places including those listed below


Your photographs can be published in many of the local newspapers. Ours are published in over twenty of the local newspapers and we have even had some special event photographs published in The Philadelphia Inquirer.


We have a Website for the shelter where we volunteer and our photographs are regularly published on this site. Also, there are other Websites that specialize in publishing photographs of adoption animals such as who will let you publish your photographs on their site.

Adoption Posters

We are lucky enough to have a dedicated volunteer who takes our photographs and makes an adoption poster for us each month. This poster is distributed to many local stores and veterinary offices. An adoption poster that features great photographs can really help to encourage people to come in to your shelter to find the perfect companion instead of purchasing one at a store or from a breeder.


Most shelters, including ours, also publish a newsletter with information about the shelter and shelter events. Your adoption photographs can be published in this newsletter to help remind the readers what you are working for. Also, any photographs you take of special events at the shelter can be published in the newsletter and help give it a really professional look.

Marketing and Promotional Pieces

Most shelters also do some kind of advertising in the form of a small ad that they place in local newspapers, magazines, and so on. This is a great way for you to feature a few of your more outstanding photographs and to help build your shelter's image.


Once you have built up a decent library of photographs you should also consider using them for different kinds of merchandise. For example, many labs can now easily make calendars, mugs, cards, and so on from some of your better photographs. You or the shelter can then sell these items at fund raisers to help make some money for the shelter.

Other Places

There may be even other places where you get photographs published to help build your name as a photographer and increase awareness of the shelter. The more places you can get published the better. If you have any additional ideas, please send them to us at so we can take advantage of them as well!

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