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How You Can Help

The mixed-breed quality of animals typically found at shelters gives each one a unique look that we find very appealing. Purebred "rules" often dictate precise physical descriptions that breeders must try to match, the result of which is a lot of animals that look and act exactly alike. However, each animal we photograph at the shelter has a very distinct look and personality individual to that animal. They are a true product of America in the sense that they are diverse and unique with a dignity and wisdom that you can often see and feel.

By capturing this dignity and wisdom on film and by sharing the true beauty of these animals with your community, you can help to make an important change. As a photographer, you can work to change people's perceptions of these animals and make them the preferred choice of a companion. It is to this goal that this Website is dedicated.

Most animal shelters have a constant need for good photographs to help promote their animals and themselves. As part of this promotion, there are many places where your photographs can be published.

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